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The ACRES Project is a member of the Care Farming Network, a network of organizations throughout the US advancing the therapeutic use of farming practices. ACRES is proud to provide many horticultural opportunities for individuals with autism and other disabilities:

  • Aquaponics is a sustainable indoor agricultural method where fish and plants grow in tandem. Our aquaponics greenhouse, funded by a Centre Foundation grant, helps provide employment opportunities, job skills training, community integration, and a relaxing environment for individuals with autism and other disabilities. In the greenhouse, participants care for our koi fish and grow flowers, microgreens, salad greens, and more.
  • An outdoor vegetable garden was established in 2023 to provide participants with additional space to grow tomatoes, peppers, melons, and other produce.
  • Our farm stand provides an outlet for community connection and entrepreneurship, allowing participants to sell produce from the gardens and greenhouse to the community.
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