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A diverse workforce isn't a good deed. It's good business.

The ACRES Project connects Centre County employers with a talented neurodivergent workforce. By joining our employment network, you'll have the opportunity to strengthen the local workforce by providing real-world experience to diverse jobseekers. You'll also get access to our pool of talented, qualified job candidates who would love to be your next hire. Whether you're looking for a long-term employee or just want to provide a short-term experience to an individual in need, The ACRES Project can connect you with loyal, enthusiastic employees!

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Our focus on fit

We are more than just a "job placement" program. Before selecting a potential workplace, our job coaches spend many hours working one on one with each candidate to determine their unique talents, goals, and interests. Our top priority is matching the right person to the right job so that everyone benefits! This approach results in happy, loyal, and productive employees.

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Current Opportunities

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OVR PETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services)

Not hiring? No problem! This program, funded by Pennsylvania's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, allows you to provide a short-term, 90-hour employment experience at no cost to you and with no obligation to hire once the experience ends.

More details:

  • For young adults aged 14-21
  • Employee wages and insurance are fully covered by ACRES and OVR. There is no cost to the employer!
  • One of our trained, professional job coaches will be on-site to support the employee at all times during the experience.
  • No obligation to hire after 90 hours -- this is a temporary skills development program. 

Employement programs

OVR Supported Employment

Ready to hire a loyal, longterm employee? This program is for you! 

  • For adults aged 21+ with genuine interest in employment at your organization
  • ACRES assists job candidate with transitioning into regular, paid employment at your business
  • Your new employee receives 40 hours of on-site job coaching to help them successfully transition into your organization, followed by an additional support period to ensure long-term job retention and productivity.

Job Shadowing 

  Jobseekers with a strong interest in a specific field often benefit from a short job shadowing experience to observe a typical workday. These experiences are usually only 2 hours long and attended by a participant and their Job Coach. If you are interested in opening up your workplace to an enthusiastic learner, please get in touch with us to be updated on the latest opportunities!