Even if you can't visit us in person, we invite you to use these helpful online resources to learn more about autism and neurodiversity and locate supports for yourself or a loved one. We're always adding more resources as we find them, so check back often! If you know of a resource that you think should be listed here, please let us know. We'd love to hear about it!

Learn About Autism & Neurodiversity

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about autism, ADD, dyslexia, or other neurodivergent conditions. It's full of verified, easy to understand articles and downloadable resources specifically for parents, teachers, professionals, and neurodivergent individuals.


This website and magazine is full of expert-verified information and helpful articles for those dealing with ADD or ADHD. Because many symptoms of ADD overlap with symptoms of other neurodivergent conditions like autism, ADDitude can also be a helpful resource for individuals with other diagnoses.

Hearing Loss & Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Discover the connection between hearing loss and anxiety and learn practical strategies for coping and supporting loved ones through their journey.

Find Services & Supports


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania operates this comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website designed to compile information about all available programs, resources, and benefits for Pennsylvanians with autism. The searchable site is broken into sections with relevant information and educational materials for individuals with autism, parents & caregivers, family members and professionals. Very highly recommended!


An online directory of therapists, counselors, and mental health providers serving Pennsylvania and the State College area. Allows users to search and filter results by insurance coverage, services provided, specialties, and much more. Includes both telehealth and in-person providers.

Autism Evaluations for Adults

Information for adults who suspect they may be on the autism spectrum and want to explore getting a formal diagnosis. This page contains information on the evaluation process, some reasons why people may choose to seek a diagnosis, and a list of local clinics in the State College/Central PA area who may be able to accept new clients for evaluations.

Apps We Love...

...For Communication Support


A free app compatible with Android and Apple devices. Digital cards provide step-by-step visual guidance for various activities, such as going to the library, taking a bus, cooking, sweeping floors or brushing teeth.

...For Self-Care & Executive Functioning


This is currently the most popular self-care app in our neurodiversity peer groups! It can be especially helpful for those struggling with procrastination, anxiety, or staying on top of daily tasks. Name and customize a virtual bird, then set and complete daily goals or guided mental health exercises each day to earn in-game rewards, hatch micropets, and watch your pet grow and learn with you. There are also journaling and mood tracking features. Most of this app is free, but extra customization options can be unlocked with a subscription.


Obsidian is a writing/note taking app which adapts to your unique thinking style and allows you to link and visually map out your thoughts. There is an option to collaborate with others on shared notes, and all information is encrypted and private. This app was recommended to us by several college students with ADHD who found that Obsidian's visual note-taking style helped them to study and retain information better. Free for noncommercial users, Obsidian is available on all PCs, Android, and Apple devices.