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Day Programs

In this unique program, our qualified and caring staff guide adults with autism through a routine designed to encourage decision-making, socialization, and learning. 

Daily Schedule

Brain Gym: Physical movements decrease stress and prepare for socialization and learning opportunities.

Welcome: We acknowledge each person and discuss today's schedule. Participants are encouraged to make their own choices and decide on the day's activities. 

Physical Activity: We might take a walk, go on a hike, dance, or build an obstacle course. The possibilities are endless!

Transition: "Cool down" and prepare for the next activity.

Structured Activity: Make a craft, tend the garden, play music, or play a game. 

Transition: "Cool down" and prepare for the next activity.

Meal: To prepare for the meal, participants follow a step by step plan which fosters independence. While eating, participants sit as a group to encourage socialization.

Wrap up/cool down: This is a time for calm music and individualized sensory tools in a safe, comforting environment. Participants get organized for departure, and connect in a "wrap-up."

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